Let’s understand the history of its origin first!

For ages, we have heard that “Communication is the key to success!”, and yet we have not followed it. Since the early days, establishing the right and timely communication has been a problem for us. We earlier had no means to communicate, then eventually things developed and we got the faster modes of communications like voice calls and WhatsApp.  But is it solving our problem of maintaining instant communication with our potential customers? Sad, but true the answer is “No”.

Showcase stats

9+ Languages
1M+ Calls Placed
in a day
Trained over
1000+ intents
Yearly Growth
Pre-trained agents available for 100+ Usecases
10M Calls already Placed in span of 6 months

The solution?

SuperBot is the new age solution to all these calling and communication problems. And hey don’t confuse it with any usual voice message blaster or an IVR. Rather it’s an AI-Powered Conversational Agent which can have smart dialogues with humans over telephony channels.

What do we mean by it? Here let us explain it to you in a simpler manner

Best Conversational AI Platform

How is it different from IVR?


  • SuperBot uses natural language processing which means that customers can talk to SuperBot in the same way they would to a human.
  • SuperBot collects data about the conversation flow and uses this information to improve its conversation flow to be even more productive.
  • SuperBot understands non-linear dialogue and can understand all the information in one go and communicate with the customer effectively.
  • SuperBot is quick to adapt and learn just like a skilled human operator and provides an engaging customer experience.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

  • Rather than a conversation, IVR is a voice-controlled passage through a limited choice of options.
  • IVR doesn’t understand natural language. It can mishear and fail due to varying accents, volume, and pitch..
  • IVR requires linear dialogue - one-way and non-interactive communication wherein customers drip-feed the key information.
  • IVR is slower and lacks intuitiveness. It is commonly less interactive and user-friendly.

Do you need to know to code for using SuperBot?

The answer is no. It has pre-defined agents and all you need to do is choose the things you want in your SuperBot