SuperBot comes with an easy plug-and-play option, with the CRMs allowing organisations to do deep-level integration and run their campaigns easily. Here are a few steps one needs to follow for integrating SuperBot with HubSpot.

1. Go to the setting section and initiate the integration between SuperBot and HubSpot


2. Choose your organisation among the list of organisations using HubSpot to proceed ahead.

3. Go to the app setting page and click on "Open" button


4. Enter the API Key available under your account on SuperBot Dashboard.

But if you are facing any issues then get your API by contacting us by filling the following form –

5. Once the API Key is successfully submitted, proceed ahead by creating a new event, by clicking on “Add New”.


6. Fill all the necessary fields as required to create your event.

7. Once the campaign event is created, please proceed ahead with creating the campaign inbound action

8. After submitting the same, your action items are created. You may create multiple action items by clicking on the add new button at top right.

9. Post that navigates to the workflow section of your CRM and define the rules and conditions, which you want SuperBot to follow. Post creating the workflow, select the SuperBotActions, Module and Campaign Event to proceed ahead.

10. After the submission of all the campaign-related details, the workflow is ready to go live and SuperBot will be able to place the calls on the numbers satisfying the defined criteria and rules.

11. Once the campaigns are executed, the call logs can also be viewed by visiting the contact section and selecting SuperBot call logs card (max 5).

12. After clicking on view all button in SuperBot call logs, you can see the all call history of that Contact.