Custom Integrations

The system has open APIs to integrate it with any CRM or other platforms to pass on the calling data and metrics as well as the call scores.
Intelligent Reporting

Score all your calls with automated scoring rules and mine out the potential customers for you.
High-End Analytics

Get all your campaign insights and analytics on your custom dashboard and reports, to help you measure the performance of your campaigns and optimise it.
Custom VoiceOvers

Give your brand a voice. SuperBot is built in a manner where you can also use the voice of your brand ambassadors while placing the calls.
Zero Waiting Time

Don’t make your customers wait for you for long. Place them a quick call as soon as their query is received to take and assist them with their requirement.
24×7 Availability

Be it the outbound calls or the inbound calls, SuperBot is capable of placing and attending 10000+ unique calls in a minute.
100X Faster Calling

Be it last minutes updates or reminder calls, SuperBot is capable of catering to 1000+ calls at once. It can also place 1M+ calls at a day, leading to 100x faster-calling rates than the traditional methods.
Zero dependence on Humans

SuperBot is well trained to understand the customer intent and have a fruitful conversation while addressing all their queries. It doesn’t need human involvement to assist it in its conversations.

For Bare metal Servers

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