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Make the Buyer-Seller Engagement Hassle-Free by automating your Real Estate operations – From generating Quality Leads, reminding and taking confirmation about a Site Visit, making Promotional Offers to verifying Buyers’ Interest over a phone call, all of it can be taken care of by one single agent.
Why SuperBot is required

Differentiating Factor

Almost Everyone is doing the same thing. With no differentiating factor, & the same set of potential buyers are being approached by 100+ agents and companies.

No personalisation

No personalisation can be embedded in the advertisements of any source, to help you make stand out of the crowd & get a higher recall rate

traditional methods

Most of the money spent on traditional methods like Hoardings, Print Media, Television have no way to track the conversions and map the ROI

Spending so much

Even after spending so much on infrastructure, human resource, management and training the ROI is not scaled up to the desired level.

Pre Audit the quality of Leads

There is no way to verify or pre-audit the quality of leads generated by most of the sources.

Competitors Exhaust your Digital Budget

The competitors exhaust your digital budget by getting fake clicks and the ones searching for property end up seeing the brokers first.

How SuperBot is addressing these challenges

Data Procurement

We have partners across India, from whom we procure quality and verified datasets depending upon the requirements.

Data Authenticity

AI-powered technology is then used to filter out the incorrect contact details before initiating the calls.
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Multiple Attempts

For all the not connected and disconnected calls, minimum 4-5 attempts are made in order to try connecting with the prospects.

Mining of Potential Leads

Capable of placing 1M+ calls a day SuperBot will then be placing AI-Powered calls to the potential buyers to verify their details, admission and institute interest.
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Real Time Sharing of the Potential Leads

The Potential Leads will then be passed on to the Organisation on a real-time basis, for faster processing of the next level conversation with the customers.

Auto-Scoring & Classification of Leads

On the basis of the responses received the auto-scoring and auto-classification of the leads are done, to help human agents do Priority Calling on the leads depending upon their scores and classification.
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Auto-Triggerings of SWE Notifications

As soon as the call will end, an automated SMS, Email, WhatsApp will be sent on the prospect’s contact details with the details about the organisation

Lead Quality Assurance Check

Post the human calling is done, the dead and fake leads will be cross-checked by placing SuperBot Calls for the auditing and verification purpose.
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The Benefits of using


AI-Based Approach and Classification

Since no human is involved, there is no scope of data manipulation, misunderstanding or confusion, leading to 100% efficient leads generation.


Multi-Level Auditing

Unlike other sources, there are multi-level Quality Analysis checks are done by SuperBot’s team both pre and post human calling to maintain the lead quality

AI Voice Bot

Higher Conversion Percentage

Since the confirmation and interest of the prospects are pre-confirmed before the leads are shared,, the conversion rate automatically increases.

AI Voice Bot

Low Conversion Time

Since the audio recording of the call is shared with the human agents, they don’t need to initiate conversation from the scratch. They can directly start with the second level conversation, leading to less conversion time.

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