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Product Analyst’s main task will be to analyze and develop ChatBots by using in-house tools. The job requires extensive domain research and development of respective data/conversational flow.


  • Study the already existing ChatBots in the market and provide detailed analysis of the same
  • Develop the in-house ChatBot by improving its efficiency using the in-house platform
  • Maintenance of the in-house ChatBot deployed at the Client Site by monitoring its performance via. analyzing the database of the chats
  • Client Interaction to understand the required changes to be made in the in-house ChatBot
  • Execute necessary improvements on the in-house ChatBot as per the Client requirements.

Desired Skills

  • Good analytical abilities and logical thinking
  • The ability to conduct market research
  • Excellent writing skills to prepare detailed ​data/conversational flow
  • Ability to synthesize complex data into actionable goals
  • Critical thinking skills to recommend original and productive ideas
  • Must be efficient in handling/working on technology-based tools