Experience the Powers of SuperBot


Ready-to-use Agents

There are 100+ Voice Bots that are already trained for various use cases of different industries and their verticals are ready to be used with just few clicks.


SuperBot has been built in a manner to meet the need of even regional businesses. Therefore apart from Hindi & English, it also supports regional languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, etc.

Voice Modulation

SuperBot comes with multiple human voice-overs along with the option of speed, pitch, and voice modulation. Choose and use the one which suits your need.

Concurrent Calls

SuperBot is capable of placing 1000+ calls in parallel for multiple use cases at the same time.

Not only place calls but also score and classify your data automatically. Just set your scoring and classification rules and auto-funnel your leads.

SuperBot comes with open API and therefore can easily be integrated with CRMs, ERPs and other third-party softwares to help you get relevant insights in one place.

Get responses shared by the customers on a real-time basis to help you evaluate, assist and process the same instantly.

Get all the actionable insights such as successful call rate, call drop rate and so on a single platform with detailed reports and analytics.


Bes Conversational AI Platform
Easy SuperBot Training

For all the new questions and responses, you may train the agent on your own with our easy to use UI and DIY Platform

100+ Trained Agents

100+ Trained Agents are available to go live for different industries and their use cases by just updating the responses agains the listed questions.

Real Time Data Fulfillment

Be it contact number or capturing 16 digits credit card number, do it in real time and responding back accordingly by fetching the related data.

10X Smartness Level

Be it muffled voice or a difficult to understand accent, SuperBot can smartly reframe the question and ask again without compromising user experience.

Conversational AI
Intent Recognition

The bot is intelligent enough to understand colloquialisms with its pre-built intents. Users have the freedom of using words that they are comfortable with.

Best Conversational AI Platform
Dialect & Accent Understanding

SuperBot’s powerful & smart NLU engine is capable of understanding not only the global languages, but also the local dialects & accents.

Conversational AI
Maintain Transcripts

Get access to the call recording and written transcripts of each and every successful call placed, for your kind perusal and thorough review.

Best Conversational AI Platform
Assured Data Security

Your data stays encrypted and safe. Not even SuperBot’s internal team is allowed to see any contact number or chat transcripts without your permission.