About SuperBot

It’s a voice agent acting as your personal call centre which is capable of handling 1M+ calls in a day by having smart dialogues with humans over telephony channels.

You just need to create your account with us at my.superbot.works and get it approved. Once approved, you just need to log in, choose your industry, use case, and the voice, post which you can start communicating with your users.

No! Not even a line of code is required to use SuperBot. All you need to do is to customise it as per your need.

Since communicating with one’s users is an important aspect of any industry, our AI-Powered Voice Agent caters to the requirements of all the industries. But right now we are serving majorly the four industries including Education, Events, HealthCare and BFSI. In case any custom usecase is required for any industry vertical, please feel free to write us at sales@pinnacleworks.net and our team would be happy to assist you.

Yes! SuperBot comes with an open API, which can be integrated with all the leading as well as custom-built CRMs.

No, SuperBot is not an IVR Agent, which can only take DTMF inputs of pressing a button or choosing a number to proceed. It can understand custom queries and responses and can respond accordingly in 10+ languages.

Account Creation & Campaigns

Yes, the calls will get automatically placed, once the campaigns are published.

No human involvement is required. Our team of experts does the required quality analysis. And all the relevant analytics are made available to you on your SuperBot dashboard for your insights.

Yes, you can choose the date and time within which you want your calls to be placed.

Visit my.superbot.works and click on Sign Up! Follow the sign-up steps and fill in all the necessary details and submit. Wait for 24 hours for our team to verify your details and once verified, you will get an approval email. Post which you may access your account and set up your campaigns.

It usually takes our team 24 hours on business days to verify and approve an account.

Oh! We are sorry for that! But don’t worry in your rejection email our team would have specified the reasons for rejection.You just need to update those details and request again. In case of any further assistance required, you may write us at support@pinnacleworks.net

Absolutely Yes! You can run as many parallel campaigns as you want.

The SuperBot Platform easily auto-scores and classify the calls under different labels such as hot, warm, cold, etc., based on the data inputs received during the conversation.

SuperBot is also offered under the enterprise licensed model in which the whole system is deployed locally in your in-house servers. For further queries or details, please connect with our sales team at sales@pinnacleworks.net.

Yes, you may use your own DIDs for calling. However, you can only avail of this feature if you have subscribed to the enterprise license model.

We have 1000+ series of numbers issued by our telecommunication partners. The calls will be placed using those DID numbers. After every 30 calls placed, the DIDs changes, and there is a different number via which the next set of calls are placed.

Yes, the outbound calls can be made to DND numbers. However, it will be applicable only for transactional calls.

Marketing calls are promotional calls that are placed to promote a product/service/brand, etc. While Transactional calls are those calls that are placed with user consent to remind them about their upcoming payments/appointments or a confirmation call about the service they have opted for, etc.

Transactional calls will be made via our DID numbers beginning with  0124, while promotional calls will go from the DIDs beginning with 0140.

Once your account is approved, you may choose and run your campaigns any day and time. But since all the calls made are governed by the TRAI norms, outbound calls can be made only till 8 PM. For inbound calls, there is no time limit, and therefore the incoming calls can be catered to 24×7.

PinnacleWorks follows the best industry-standard practices so that every data is confidential and secured. Also, there is an MoU, which is signed to bind the company to maintain data privacy.


It’s a prepaid credit-based model. So for running any campaigns you need to purchase the credits first.

Go to your accounts, go to the payments and billing section, click on add credits and follow the next steps to purchase.

There is no fixed cost per call. Our pricing model works on a 15-second pulse basis. For more details about the same, you need to choose your plan first by visiting our pricing page, and accordingly, our team will share the commercials with you.

Yes, there will be invoices made available for all the payments made on the portal itself.

We only charge you for the actual minutes the conversations took place. We don’t charge you any extra minutes or duration. Neither do we charge for calls that go unanswered, or do not get connected in the first place. For maintaining transparency, your calling minutes are available on the dashboard as well as call logs in your SuperBot Login.

Customer Support

You may reach us at support@pinnacleworks.net and we will be happy to assist you at the earliest.

There will be a dedicated account manager allocated to each account. The support will be available over telephone and mails. For raising any new ticket, you may write to us at support@pinnacleworks.net.