How can I purchase SuperBot?

To Hire superbot you may sign up at or may connect with our sales team at

How is calling minute calculated?

We only charge you for the actual minutes the conversations took place. We don’t charge you any extra minutes or duration. Neither do we charge for calls that go unanswered, or do not get connected in the first place. For

Will I get invoice for my payments?

Yes, there will be invoices made available for all the payments made on the portal itself.

What is the cost per call?

There is no fixed cost per call. Our pricing model works on a 15-second pulse basis. For more details about the same, you need to choose your plan first by visiting our pricing page, and accordingly, our team will share

How do I purchase the call credits?

Go to your accounts, go to the payments and billing section, click on add credits and follow the next steps to purchase.

Do I need to purchase the credit in advance? Or it...

It’s a prepaid credit-based model. So for running any campaigns you need to purchase the credits first.