Is SuperBot an IVR Agent?

No, SuperBot is not an IVR Agent, which can only take DTMF inputs of pressing a button or choosing a number to proceed. It can understand custom queries and responses and can respond accordingly in 10+ languages.

Can it be integrated with my CRM?

Yes! SuperBot comes with an open API, which can be integrated with all the leading as well as custom-built CRMs.

Can it serve in any industry?

Since communicating with one’s users is an important aspect of any industry, our AI-Powered Voice Agent caters to the requirements of all the industries. But right now we are serving majorly the four industries including Education, Events, HealthCare and BFSI.

Do I need to know coding to use SuperBot?

No! Not even a line of code is required to use SuperBot. All you need to do is to customise it as per your need.

How do I use SuperBot?

You just need to create your account with us at and get it approved. Once approved, you just need to log in, choose your industry, use case, and the voice, post which you can start communicating with your users.

What is SuperBot?

It’s a voice agent acting as your personal call centre which is capable of handling 1M+ calls in a day by having smart dialogues with humans over telephony channels.