What is the process of hiring and setting up Super...

To get started with SuperBot: First- sign up and create an account on https://my.superbot.works/login and wait for your account to be approved by the superBot team second- Once your account has been approved, choose use case based on your industry

Why use SuperBot and not Human agents?

Hiring SuperBot can help- Increase ROI reduce infrastructure cost by reach more audience Classify leads faster automatically

What are some uses of SuperBot?

SuperBot can be used for several different functions some of which are: Lead generation Lead Verification Conducting survey Collecting feedback Re-scheduling and confirming appointments

How many calls can SuperBot place in a day?

SuperBot can make more than 1 million calls in a day.

What happens when SuperBot does not understand cus...

When ever superBot does not understand Customers reply it falls back to the previous question and repeats it, With the feedback the bot can be trained for the future.

How can I supervise the standards of the calls?

There is a dedicated team to monitor the quality of the calls and make changes according to the feedback

What businesses are currently using SuperBot?/ Wh...

Currently SuperBot is associated with several happy clients, some of which are- Parul University Lovely Professional University Shiv Nadar University DY patil University Bennet University

What are the benefits of using SuperBot?

Hiring SuperBot has a lot of benefits some of which are- 24×7 Availability Capable of making 1000+ calls at the same time for different use cases Requires Zero human involvment Understands multiple regional languages hence there is no language barrier

Can we measure the performance of SuperBot?

You get all the actionable insights such as successful call rate, call drop rate and so on a single platform with detailed reports and analytics.