Be it generating and nurturing the leads through impactful engagement, verifying the applicant’s data, or running engaging drip marketing campaigns to get more conversions, SuperBot can do it all via its rule-based, auto-calling feature.

Why SuperBot is required

Lack of Standard Script or Structure

Unlike Corporates, which runs one of the best and smooth calling process, Education Industry lacks a standard calling procedure. A standard calling script is not there. A defined structure for smoothly undertaking the calling operations is also lacking. Leading to reduce in the effectiveness of the calling.

Missed Calls & Delay in Timely Follow Ups

Since Human Agents can handle only a limited number of calls in a day and can’t be available 24*7, 365 days a year, a number of leads gets missed as they don’t get resolution of their queries. Also, as per our internal data analysis, it has been analysed that ~3% of the overall leads, which are potential applicants and were looking for admission, gets wasted because of lack of timely and regular follow ups.

Human Limitations

Be it the introduction of new courses, where the humans can’t recall the information of 100+ programs, esp new ones and end up giving wrong information or abruptly disconnecting the calls, leading to loss of leads. Or a counsellor leaving mid-session, becoming a hurdle in smooth counselling, leading to the abandonment of leads.

Lack of Real-Time Lead Verification & Counselling quality check

More than 50% of the counselling time of counsellors is invested in just verifying and mining out the potential leads. Leading to missing or delay in connecting with leads which needs actual counselling and can be converted. Similarly currently, there is no way to monitor and improve the current counselling process. This too leads to marking of a number of leads as dead/fake which could have been converted

Situations like COVID-19 becoming a major challenge

With scenarios like COVID where the market dynamics stands so uncertain, and it becomes difficult to do the entire infrastructure set up to let the counselling be conducted from home, an automated technology is needed to help organisation keep their counselling process stay intact, work smoothly and time-efficiently.

How SuperBot is addressing these challenges

Real-Time Lead Verification

SuperBot can verify all the applications/leads received for an organization on a real-time basis to help counsellors avoid investing their time in just verifying the leads.

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Lead Mining

SuperBot with the help of its advanced algorithm and auto-scoring feature can mine out the interested and non-interested applicants, and can label them accordingly. This way the human counsellors need to invest their time only on the potential ones.
Customer Support Automation

Process Application

SuperBot can take necessary details from the students and can proceed their application over the call itself. This includes steps like Program Choice, Taking Academic Details, Registration, etc.
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Reduces Turn Around Time

With Real-Time Lead Verification taking place, the first call post query submission initiates instantly and thence reduces the turn around
time for organisation to less than a minute.

Do Drip Marketing

SuperBot can also be used a marketing medium, where it can do rule-based auto calling to the respective candidates and prompts them for taking further actions required for securing admissions.

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Promotional Activity

SuperBot can also increase the gravity of the admission scenario by paying last date to apply reminder calls, Entrance Exam date, promotes USPs and Scholarship, etc.
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Voice Conversational AI

The Benefits of using


Completely Automated & Standard Process, leading to more self-motivated Registrations and Admissions


Upto 20% increase in counsellors productivity and thence the admissions


Zero Infrastructure, Training and Management Cost with increase in Admissions, leading to increase in ROI


Admission and Counselling Process Auditing, leading to identification & improvement of the gray areas


Zero Dependence on Humans and hence eradicating all the errors associated with human limitations


No missing of leads due to missed incoming calls or lack of follow ups

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