Enhancing Customers Journey With The Help Of AI

Knowing your customers is important, and how they make a purchase decision for your product, service, or subscription, is critical. In fact, it’s so critical that marketers tell us that better customer journey visibility would improve their marketing ROI by

Importance of Communication in Business

We all know the basic meaning of Communication and Its importance in our daily Life that the very basic foundation of communication is exchange of ideas and thoughts from one person to another. But how well we are aware of

Artificial Intelligence for User Engagement: Changing the Business Landscape

In this recent era of Technology, “AI” or “Artificial Intelligence” is the latest buzzword. Almost all the industries, sectors, startups and MNC’s are in a rush to make use of AI to help their business. But, there are questions like

How to Improve Brand Marketing

The nonstop growth of social networking and blog sites is having an effect on brands and how those brands are marketed. According to an October study from a reputed research company and its social media affiliate, sixty percent of consumers

How to Deal with Negative App Reviews and Feedback

We live in a world, now, where we prefer doing almost everything online, from shopping to dating, to even learning, getting food etc. We have apps for literally everything, even the ones that count our walked steps every day! We

Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and their Future!

How will one feel if he/she gets to experience their favorite destination while sitting at their home or if one gets to into virtual content of the real world? If you think it’s still a dream or an impossible task,

Role of technology in personalising & making training adaptive for a learner, at nominal cost

The learning process has been majorly influenced with the power of computers and internet in recent decades. Ability to share information through text, audio, video, and animation through a variety of communication and application media has inspired educationists to extend