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Superbot 5.0 is now live with the new and exciting features, making it a must have for all the businesses planning to boost their revenue while reducing their infrastructure and training costs. In this read, let us take a look at some of the new & interesting features of SuperBot 5.0 which makes SuperBot the coolest of the lot. Let’s have a look and dive into what all new SuperBot has to offer.

What’s New???

AI Voice Bot

Bot Builder with Zero Code Requirement

With zero coding skills you can now just simply drag, connect and create your SuperBot with the response and voice of your choice in just a few minutes. All you need to do is just keep your content ready 😉

Easy SuperBot Training

You are no more dependent on us! Yes, you read it right! For all the new questions and responses, you may train the bot on your own with our easy-to-use and updated UI 🙌

AI Voice Bot

AI Voice Bot

100+ Trained Agents catering Industry Wise Various Use Cases

The earlier closed module has now been opened for you all. You may choose your industry and the preferred use case sufficing your need, on your own. You may also see the flow on which it is currently trained and update its language, voice and responses as per your choice. 💯

Real Time Data Fulfillment

Oh yes! We did it! Be it capturing real-time phone numbers, credit cards, or fetching real-time information on the basis of the user response, SuperBot 5.0 can do all of
it for you! 😁

AI Voice Bot

AI Voice Bot

10X Smartness Level

“I am sorry I couldn’t understand this, could you please repeat”, you won’t hear this anymore, because even if the user responds back in a muffled voice or a difficult-to-understand tone, don’t worry SuperBot is intelligent enough to reframe the question and ask it again. 😎

Sounds interesting, isn’t it?
Then why don’t you explore it?

Access all these features and SuperBot 5.0, by visiting:

And oh did we mention that you may use your existing login credentials to access your account on the new URL!

Let’s try logging in and exploring the new features, while we await your feedback!

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