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Providing good Customer Experience has not been the top priority for the healthcare industry in the past, but with the realisation of the importance of having a good trustful relationship between the patients and hospitals, the Healthcare industry saw a significant shift toward improving their customer experience, with hospitals adopting advanced customer service practices, here are a few facts that encourage the Healthcare industry to make a shift towards providing a more advanced customer service.

AI Voice Bot

75% of customers think calling is the most effective way of getting a quick response.

Online tests and appointment booking are really common these days, but still, phone calls are the preferred method by patients, to confirm the appointment or get their queries addressed.

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43% of patients believe that being put on hold is the major reason for their frustration.

Along with the call being put on hold, long waiting times and frequently busy lines are some of the reasons why patients tend to shift to their preferred source of the hospital.

With SuperBot Hospitals can prevent losing potential patients by avoiding missed calls due to long queues and waiting times.

AI Voice Bot

AI Voice Bot

69% of callers expect a quick resolution of their problem.

Patients tend to prefer hospitals that provide a quick and easy solution to their problems, compared to those which do not. Being actively available for your patients and clearing their doubts and queries is really important to take your customer support game to next level.

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Automated appointment reminders lead to fewer no-shows

No-shows can lead to disrupted appointment scheduling, hospitals that actively place reminder calls to patients about their appointments lead to fewer no-shows.

SuperBot is one such solution that can help hospitals to automate their appointment reminder calls to prevent no-shows.

AI Voice Bot

AI Voice Bot

88% of healthcare appointments are scheduled by phone.

This number has significantly increased post covid when hospitals had a really hard time managing the amount of call inflow. Switching to an AI-powered automated approach was the trend which helped out many hospitals with managing a huge amount of call flow.

Know how with SuperBot hospitals can automate the end-to-end process of scheduling and confirming patients.

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