#Revolutionising ​  Calling

Introducing an Intelligent Voice Agent for having Smart Dialogues with Humans over Telephony Channels.

Are you Struggling  with these pain points?

Not able to Maintain 24×7 communication

Missing calls because of limitation of resources

Investing too much for your outbound and inbound calls

Missing or Piled Up FollowUps and Reminders

Empower your team with  next-gen calling!

24X7  Communication

Stay connected with your users 24×7, to assist them with their queries and increase your customer satisfaction

Higher  Productivity

Let your Human Agents do the Smart Work while SuperBot does the Hard Work for you

Reduced  Cost

With 100 times faster calling SuperBot involves zero infrastructure cost, which saves time and money. 

Zero  Training Time

SuperBot comes with inbuilt intelligence and training, where your job is only to feed the correct information.

How does it  function?

Where  can you use it?

Process Automation

Design custom call flows to manage processes for both your Inbound as well as OutBound Call and simply meet your calling goals. Be it taking appointments, or your assisting your customers with generic queries all can be done via one agent. It can cater the needs of all the industries be it BFSI, Medical, Hospitality, Education, Automobile, etc. Also get with 24×7 availability get higher customer satisfaction while maintaining transparency.

Lead  Generation

Be it 2 am at night or 5 am in the morning, your business will never miss a lead. Get a 24×7 personal assistant for all your users and let them pay calls anytime with their queries. SuperBot can handle multiple calls in parallel to answer unique queries, while capturing the details of the users and generating leads. So grow your business with an intelligent technology and generate more leads. 

Marketing Promotion

Now no need to worry about the last minute offer promotions! Just enter your details, choose your data, schedule your campaign and SuperBot will take care of the rest. Let an AI-Powered Voice Agent promote your event, offers, organisation anything among the masses while collecting their interest and addressing their queries. Do all of it with one single agent. i.e. SuperBot

Conducting  Surveys

Conduct multiple surveys in no time, by paying 10000+ calls in a day. Just feed your questions and the instructions, choose your data and conduct your surveys among the masses in a click. Also get real-time reports and analytics of your campaigns via a custom dashboard. 

Collecting  Feedbacks

Collect any type of feedbacks from your customers. Be it post a car servicing or the food served at a restaurant, you can know about your customer feedbacks in a click. And all of it can be done via just one agent, who can request a feedback for set of questions and can take custom as well as standard responses against the same. Also get real-time reporting to increase your customer satisfaction. 


Case  Studies


How SuperBot Helped an Indian University with it’s Admission Process during the Pandemic


How SuperBot Helped a Car Service Centre in Delhi NCR to increase its ROI during the early phase of post lockdown period


How SuperBot Helped an Event Management Company with their Last Minute Promotions 

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